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South Goa Beaches | 10 Best Beaches in South Goa

10 Best Beaches in South Goa

Planning a trip to South Goa? Here are the top 10 beaches in South Goa.

  1. Agonda Beach
  2. Palolem Beach
  3. Colva Beach
  4. Utorda Beach
  5. Cola Beach
  6. Galibaga Beach
  7. Arossim Beach
  8. Cavelossim Beach
  9. Mobor Beach
  10. Majorda Beach

Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in South Goa. It is famous for its clean sands and calm waves. What makes this beach stand out from the rest is that it is less crowded. Thereby making a peaceful retreat to relax and unwind. The beach has a lovely stretch of white sands and interesting rock formations. There are many rock climbing and trekking activities held along the rocks here.

Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is one of the most popular beaches of South Goa and is a few minutes away from the Agonda. From the beach, you can also take a boat to the nearby butterfly beach or honeymoon beach. The boat trip to these islands is picturesque as you get to experience nature at its best. Depending on the tide, the boat halts at the nearby beach so you can take a dip in these hidden beaches in Goa.

Palolem beach also has many water sports. You can indulge in parasailing, banana boat rides, jet skiing and lots more. It also has a vibrant nightlife owing to its pubs and nearby clubs.

Did you know the Palolem beach featured in the famous Hollywood film ‘The Bourne Supremacy’?

Colva Beach

Colva Beach is another popular beach in South Goa. Hence it attracts huge crowds in peak months. The entrance to the beach has a small bridge that runs over a creek of water. The moment you start walking towards the beach you can see vast areas of white sands. The water looks blue and the shore is lined with fishing boats and adventure sports.

The beach has many shacks to choose from. These shacks keep your taste buds happy with an arrayof seafood and snacks. Colva Beach also offers all the popular water sport activities. These include banana boat rides, parasailing, jet skiing and boat rides.

Utorda beach

Goa spoils you for choice when it comes to choosing a beach to visit. The best beach will depend on your preference. Utorda beach is another famous beach in South Goa. Here you can take a walk along the shore and enjoy the stunning sunset. The beach is peaceful with less crowd depending the time of year you visit. You will find a limited number of shacks serving up some of the tastiest food and drinks. Utorda has some of the best resorts and spas and is the best place to relax, unwind and enjoy some vitamin ‘sea’.

Cola Beach

Cola beach was once a hidden beach surrounded by dense nature and a charming lagoon. But, the news of its beauty and peacefulness spread. It is about a 1o-15 minute drive from the neighbouring Agonda beach. The beach is a little difficult to get to by road. But, you can opt for a boat ride to it from the beaches close by like that of Palolem beach or Agonda beach. It is amazing for some quiet relaxation or meditation. A natural retreat for the mind, body and soul. The lagoon has a dense plantation of coconut trees along its border. This makes for a gorgeous scenery and of course amazing Instagram pictures!

Galibaga Beach

The Galibaga beach is one of the lesser-known South Goa beaches. Fewer crowds and free from
shacks, sun beds and watersports. This south Goa beach is one where you can find some solace. You might even spot an Olive Ridley turtle or two. They are a protected species and have nesting sites in some Goan beaches. The sea is not always safe for swimming as it can get quite rough. It’s a pristine beach with palm-fringed shores. Definitely worth the visit for some peace and quiet.

Did you know that the Galibaga beach is often called Turtle beach?

This is because part of it is a protected nesting site for the Olive Ridley Turtles

Arossim Beach

The Arossim Beach located in Caunsalim is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in Goa. It is a 20-minute drive from the Goa Airport and is less crowded. You can swim in the sea or relax by the shore. The beach has many shacks with sunbeds and a variety of water sports to choose from as well.

Cavellosim Beach

The Cavellosim beach is another enticing South Goa beach. Rated as 19th in Asia and 5th in India by Tripadvisor in 2016. The waters are great for a swim and the sands are clean. For those that love the water, there are fun water sports to try. The beach also has shacks and resorts where you can either grab a snack or stay the night.

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Majorda Beach

Majorda Beach is a picture-perfect beach on the days that it has less crowds. Vast stretches of sandy shores, palms and the cool sea breeze is what it is all about. The waters too are enticing and the watersports make sure you are never bored. This beach is one which will leave you coming back for more. It is one of the more popular beaches of South Goa and is much loved by tourists. The beach also has restaurants, clubs and pubs to get your groove on.

Mobor beach

Mobor beach is where River Sal meets the Arabian Sea. It is the go-to destination for beach activities. Take a dip in its deep blue waters or a walk along the shore and you are sure to enjoy yourself. There are a few shacks that have sun beds along the shore. You can sit here, relax and watch the waves with your drink in hand and food nearby.

The beaches in South Goa embody a blend of natural beauty and peace. Goa has so many options to choose from and these south Goa beaches are sure to make you smile.

It might look like everything is back to normal in Goa. Beaches and tourist activities are functioning as usual. But the pandemic is still very present. So, be sure to wear your mask, and maintain social distancing.

Be safe and enjoy these top 10 beaches of South Goa!

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