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Things to do in Goa with kids

Things to do in Goa with kids

Travelling to Goa with kids? Here is a list of some fun things to do in Goa with kids.

Let’s face it, once you have children, holiday planning takes on a whole new meaning. But there are many activities that you and your children can enjoy together.

Goa is known as the party capital and is perfect for a fun vacation. Amidst all the clubs, alcohol and shacks, couples with kids may feel a little left out. However, the sunshine state has something for everyone!

Considering the fact that Goa is known for its popular entertainment. The doubt always arises – can we also take our kids along? To that question is a definite yes.

So, here’s a list of fun things you can do with your kids in Goa!

Explore the lush green plantations/farms

Taking your kids to a splendid farm to embrace the environment of lush green trees and nature is both educational and fun. There are a couple of farms all over Goa which you can visit. Here are a few: The Savoi plantations located in Ponda would be an ideal choice. It is a tourist spot like no other. People from all across come to this wonderful spot to soak in the rich culture, heritage and experience the wonderful world of spices of Goa. This wonderful tour includes a preview of spices, tropical fruits and medicinal plants.

Splash, jump and enjoy at a Waterpark

If you are looking for some fun to beat the heat then visiting a Waterpark would be something you and your kid can enjoy. Splashdown Waterpark located in Anjuna is just the water therapy needed to bring about the laughter and smiles. It is a compact water park with around 5 pools, and 15 rides. Some of their rides include the Zoom flume, Tornado twister, Gliderman and The Panic attack. This ride is called the panic attack because once you are on top and take a look down, the view is thrilling. However, they are all safe for you and your child. The premises also has an eatery so you don’t go hungry.

Let’s get crazy on the tracks with Go Karting

Go Karting is another fun thing you can do when holidaying with kids in Goa. Both adults and kids enjoy it. Goa has two tracks. The larger one being in Nuvem and the smaller at Arpora. Both tracks are a treat. Strap on your helmet and pretend you are a race car driver. Drive along curvy tracks as you lap around the race track. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Visiting a wildlife sanctuary

The excited shrieks of ‘Oh mom, look at that crocodile! And that peacock!’. When your child is happy so are you. Experience the rich wildlife of Goa with kids. Steep in a nature and view the wildlife at these amazing wildlife sanctuaries and zoo. There are a couple of wildlife sanctuaries in Goa that you can visit. These include the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife sanctuary, Cotigao wildlife sanctuary located in Canacona. Mollem National Park situated in Ponda, Bondla wildlife sanctuary also located in Ponda. You could also visit the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary or the bird sanctuary on the Chorao island.


The beach in itself is enough to bring a smile on your little one’s face. Among the numerous water sports available, one that is sure to be a thrill is Parasailing depending on the age of
your child. You could also try out kayaking, banana boat rides, river cruises or water scooter rides.

Your Goa trip is never complete without some adrenaline pumping water sports. You can Book through Goa Kayaking, Konkan Explorers, Sahasea, Adventure Breaks, Kayaking Base, Naturecraft Adventures, and more.

Kid friendly stays

There are many kid friendly resorts and hotels which will let you relax and give your kid time to run around and have a ball. Here are a few suggestions. The Grand Hyatt located in Bambolim is a luxurious property that not only offers a comfortable stay but also has tons of activities to keep your kid entertained all day. Activities like scavenger hunt, zorbing, pottery, yoga and crafts are a few activities you can list down.

Olaulim backyards is another property situated at the backwaters. This is a perfect getaway to get introduced to a laid back ‘susegad’ holiday. This wonderful property welcomes you and your kid to spend some quality time in individual cottages with a huge pool to take a plunge in, go canoeing into the backwaters or a bicycle ride through the village.

Now here’s a fun list of things to do with kids in Goa. Have fun and stay safe.

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